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News, Announcements, Feedback, Improvements, Changes and Policies.
 #6183  by ThemeSplat
 April 23rd, 2015, 3:24 pm
Bliss Announces Launch, Helps Companies Understand And Evaluate Software Development Investment
  • Bliss tracks the ROI of software development, allowing greater communication between technical and non-technical team members.
April, 2015 – Following its private beta release in March, San Francisco-based Bliss announces the official launch of its web-based platform, which allows technology-enabled companies to efficiently track the Return On Investment (ROI) of software development efforts. The Bliss solution presents its analysis in dollar values, providing users a simplified code evaluation process.

To do this, Bliss evaluates customer’s software by finding its Code Value and Technical Debt. The Code Value is determined by reviewing the quality of the code itself, ensuring all common industry standards are met. The result of this Code Value review is an estimated development cost to reproduce the customer’s code base at current market rates. Technical Debt evaluates whether a company’s code can be efficiently reused and scaled. The result is an estimated value of what it will cost to fix the code’s detected problems. With this, Bliss’ customers receive enhanced insights into their development team’s productivity, providing them the ability to forecast future costs.
“Bliss is a way for the business-side of a company to view code in a language they understand – dollars and cents. It allows them to engage with their development team in a natural and efficient manner, leading to improved internal communications and more informed critical decision making,” says Bliss CEO and Co-founder Brian York.
Bliss is also capable of evaluating code security and complexity, and includes tools for detecting errors and code rot, the diminished responsiveness of software over time. These reports are available to any number of project members, without additional fees.

Co-founders Brian York and Ian Connor, CTO, first created Bliss as an internal tool at their previous startup, The tool allowed them to optimize the management of offshore developers and make quick personnel decisions based on code quality. Their own experience with the tool led to the realization of a greater opportunity and the eventual offering of Bliss in a private beta to several tech companies.
As a non-technical CEO, York’s biggest challenge was understanding and evaluating software development. "The rest of the company was transparent -sales, marketing, product metrics- but I had limited visibility into the code,” York explains.
According to a recruiter cited by Business Insider, software engineers are being employed in Silicon Valley at an average base salary of $165,000. As software development continues to occupy the majority of tech companies’ budgets, it becomes increasingly important to maintain transparency into the technical work being done, especially for the CEO. Bliss is closing that gap and providing the necessary insight into company code.

About Bliss
Founded in January 2015, Bliss is a simple way to track ROI on software development. The platform automatically reviews code in real-time and shows how much it’s worth in dollar values. By translating code into a value all team members can understand and measure, Bliss provides companies the power to make calculated product-driven decisions. Learn more at:

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