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News, Announcements, Feedback, Improvements, Changes and Policies.
 #7332  by ThemeSplat
 July 10th, 2015, 2:26 pm
Hey guys,

I've been a busy bee as you know :)


-Released FLATBOOTS 2.0.1 update for phpBB 3.1. Many micro changes. Expect a detailed changelog going forward. Planning to add a nice compare service directly here in the support forum. For now just use the fresh theme to avoid conflicts.

-Released the LikeBB for phpBB 3.1 : marketplace.php

Tons of new kick-ass features under the hood. it comes with s uper chart system for the stats (exportable formats as well), new recent like/dislikes activity under UCP profile, Flood interval (off for admins and Global Mods), permission to allow like/dilikes of locked and announcements posts type and much more! Also, added support for the upcoming Award System extension. "BBAWards". This will allow you to award badges based on likes/dislikes. :o :D

Some screens for you :)

-Released Title and Avatars extension. The title is now using the default phpBB functions.

-Price changes Lowered some prices in the market. :) Thank-you all for your continuous support!

-Released Smart Snappy Reply extension. New features!

-Super lightWeight
-HTML5 LocalStorage for post crash protection (saves the post Gmail style )
-Quote and @user mention buttons on post hover (Quote button double function. Selection+button click to select specific text and quote, or click to quote all)
-Reply Options (for user with appropriate action permissions)
-Ajax file uploader enabled


BBAwards, IMGUR Uploader, E-mail Subscribers, Smart Emoticons and FLATBOOTS MiniCMS released as extensions!

Woot Woot!!!! Finally here! many months of surgical work :lol: and a lot of keyboard typing!

BBAwards is a system that allows your forum members to truly engage with the community rewarding them with special badges. Custom badge awards are available plus tons of combinations possible for specific conditions.
A monster badge awards system for your amazing community. Ranks are a thing of the past. Engage your community and keep it active with new challenges and rewards every time!




Features overview:
-Custom Badge Generator ($150 value) - Start making badges in a few click with a Photoshop Generator
-Ajax Badge Award with the bootstrap modal
-Notification alert (Global On-off options)
-Modular system built on Fast Queries - NEVER heavy on your server ALWAYS PRO :)
-Preloaded set of premium badges (Set to notify NO by default) ($20 value) super compressed for performance
-Possibility to add unlimited Custom badges awards
-Default badge awards rules (like posts, friends, foes, avatar, signature and many more)
-Support for cross extensions (Ajax likeBB, forum donation, profile comment and many more to come) ***Only for premium rules packages. Not included in the default package
-Main badge award page with awards list
-Detailed user badge awards page
-Badge awards in Topics and public member profile
-Custom UCP (user Control Panel - Profile - Badge Awards) badge awards to keep track of your awards
-Much more and many more options!

New features and badge rules available upon request
Contact me via email for custom rule request for your community or special system :-)

Smart Emoticons

E-mail Subscribers

Yay! here we are! New feature added. manage the custom.css directly via ACP now!

Profile Wall Comment
Yay! Tons of features and cool stuff added. Most importantly, Ajax actions and BBAwards badge rules.

Quick summarize:
-ACP Group permission
-Ajax LikeBB function
-Ajax actions, post, edit, delete like, reply, hide replies
-ACP options
-BBAwards badge rules, comments, replies and likes: marketplace.php?mode=view&item_id=24
-Notifications on new comments and replies
-UCP notifications option
-Infinite nesting levels
-BBcode smilies enabled
-Comments system with infinite nesting enabled






This addon adds buttons to your posts to make it easy to get reactions to the content. It makes it easier for the reader to interact with your users posts. it also Improves quality of content as the posters will want to avoid negative raactions.

The buttons are configurable (how many, what text, icons, negative or positive, animation etc) . It comes with many useful ACP options to control each reaction, turn on/off stats, ACP stats, member profile, post mini profile and much more!

-Ajax interactions reactions :)
-Super fun and Modern!
-The buttons are configurable (how many, what text, icons, negative or positive, animation etc)
-ACP stats
-Forum Stats
-Mini Profile Stats
-Post stats
-Memeberlist stats


Super cool and modern sidebar with modern blocks has landed :)


-Ajax last poll
-Top posters (by all-time, daily and monthly)
-Last topics
-Last users
-Last BBawards
-Last BBreactions
-E-mail Subscriber block
-Limitless Custom blocks (HTML enabled for limitless combinations :-) )
-Ignore rules
-Fine tuning settings like mobile and tablet options
-Expandable with support for many Premium addons out of the box
-Left, right position
-Dynamic height on/off
-Much much more!!!


Finally a points system that actually works and it makes sense using it. :)

-Many useful options:

-BBmembership extension support (If BBmembership is installed as well , your users will be able to purchase memberships with points. Configurable via ACP)
-Cron Status ext support
-Points x word
-Points x character
-points x post
-Points x login
-Points x registration
-Granular setting x forum basis. Allows to set completely different settings x each forum
-Mass transfer
-Ajax transfers/donation with permissions
-Synch Points
-Reset Points
-Index stats and overall goal stacked progress bar
-member profile stats
-Topic profile stats
-Topic posts specific points earned stats
-UCP points logs (records also transactions effectuated with BBmembership extension)
-Transfer Notifications and PM alert
-Currency list symbol
-Font awesome extension symbol
-Much more!


How do you like 850+ emoji support for you forum? Did I mention they are in SVG format? ;) Also local fallback if the CDN is down or their server exploded? :lol:

  • 850+ super cool emoji
  • Unicode emoji are replaced with images from the chosen set
  • Short names such as "kissing_heart" are replaced with images :kissing_heart:
  • Safe fall back if CDN is down the images will be served from your server
  • SVG format - It will look super sharp on retina devices
  • emoji CSS class - use the CSS class to style the emoji to your liking. for example base dimension, border etc etc

Minecraft Board Avatars - API addon

This addon enables the use of Minecraft avatars in a phpBB board running SiteSplat's styles. The avatars is taken from the Minecraft equivalent of users posters.
This addon supports 8 different skin types.

-Head 2d,
-Head 2d with helm,
-Head 3d,
-Head 3d with helm,
-full body 2d,
-full body 2d with helm,
-full body 3d,
-full body 3d with helm.

The ACP (Administration Control Panel) module allows the board Admin to enable or disable the registration page field and selector and/or force one type of skin in the forum globally.
The UCP (User Control Panel) module gives the member a possibility to enter their Minecraft username and choose between the skin types available.



Allows a board running SiteSplat's themes to mention users Twitter/Github style with the @username. It also supports the @group. The mentioned user or leader of X group will receive a notification an link to the mentioned post

-Super Duper light weight ;)
-Notification delivery to the mentioned users or group leader
-@User group
-Color coded and Avatars (svg file for no avatar and no group avatar for sharp images on mobile) for the autosuggestion

The BB@mention is a perfect addon to the Smart Snappy Reply: marketplace.php?mode=view&item_id=11 Don't miss it! :)

-Next round up: BBdownload, BBcalendar, more...

 #7336  by symfony
 July 10th, 2015, 4:00 pm
Hi dave how to update without change my design from beginning , i want just the new function but not the design
 #7337  by ThemeSplat
 July 10th, 2015, 4:03 pm
That's vague :) Update theme? update extension? etc etc. I need you to be specific. :P
 #7338  by symfony
 July 10th, 2015, 4:14 pm
ThemeSplat » 8 minutes ago wrote:

That's vague :) Update theme? update extension? etc etc. I need you to be specific. :P

i want to update the flatboot theme to the new version (i like the new micro function), but in the previous version i already made many change , i mean direct in the file (overall header , footer , css etc). i do not want to change this files again from beginning , but i want the new micro function. how can i do that ?? :D :D i hope a bit clearly
 #7339  by ThemeSplat
 July 10th, 2015, 4:17 pm
Ok theme update. Read my answer here: viewtopic.php?p=7329#p7329
Use the fresh theme as a base. Then with win merge check what's changed in the files you changes from the previous version. For example, overall_header.html, compare the new and the old. Than add what you changed into the new files from the fresh theme package. The custom.css its not a problem, copy that over into the new theme.
 #7344  by sakkiotto
 July 10th, 2015, 5:43 pm
awesome 8-)
 #7493  by 5teN
 July 18th, 2015, 2:56 pm
Hi Dave,
Was BBcore updated, or just the theme folders?

Thank you,
 #7497  by 5teN
 July 18th, 2015, 4:11 pm
Thanks for the reply Dave. I should have clarified, I had already installed your first release for PHP 3.1. Has BBcore been updated since then?
 #7498  by ThemeSplat
 July 18th, 2015, 4:39 pm
Yep. Theme as well. You can find out the releases with the internal sitesplat update manage and the built in update manager for the extensions.

SiteSplat Update Manger: (Under "Customise, styles" tab)

BBcore or premium extensions (Under "Customise, " tab)

Clicking "Details"
 #7599  by ThemeSplat
 July 25th, 2015, 6:07 pm
BBAwards, IMGUR Uploader, E-mail Subscribers, Smart Emoticons and FLATBOOTS MiniCMS released as extensions! See first post for details. Only for FLATBOOTS 2.0.2 and up!