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Emoji here emoji there emoji everyWHERE!!! arghhhhhh

PostPosted:June 6th, 2019, 3:19 pm
by ThemeSplat
Hey all,,
guess what? With the latest BBemoji (marketplace.php?mode=view&item_id=29) update you get some new exciting features:

-Emoji in subjects
-Emoji for topic icons! (yeah finally replace dreadful phpBB topic icons)

The emoji subject feature is disabled by default. It is also forum based so you have full control. (for example you might want to enable it for a new users welcome forum only)

Once enabled, go nuts and start using it:


This also is enabled to support other premium extensions, like Fancy loader, BBsidebar and many more.
This way when you have an emoji in the topic title, those extensions will also display the emoji.

Enjoy and use responsibly :-)