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News, Announcements, Feedback, Improvements, Changes and Policies.
 #33185  by londoncyclegirl
 April 30th, 2020, 7:23 am
ThemeSplat wrote: April 29th, 2020, 10:25 pm

Hi Lon,
I think you forgot point #3 under “Other important tasks” :)

Also see this once done:

Thanks - if that was the enable pro silver I did that.
It was after an update of the FlatBoots mini CMS. I then repeated it and downloaded again from here…
Still puzzled. I must be doing something wrong as I lost all my settings (logo etc) in the upgrade.

Any more guidance appreciated.
 #33186  by ThemeSplat
 April 30th, 2020, 2:15 pm
-Disable and delete its data.
-delete it from the ext folder
-Clear the forum cache via ACP.
-Then download from here again: marketplace.php?mode=view&item_id=18
-upload it and enable it again

let me know how it goes.
 #33198  by londoncyclegirl
 May 4th, 2020, 11:03 am
Thanks for the detailed info.
I followed through your instructions completely but still got
Code: Select all
Fatal error: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: The routing file "/home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/ext/sitesplat/fltl/config/routing.yml" contains unsupported keys for "fltl_controller": "pattern". Expected one of: "resource", "type", "prefix", "path", "host", "schemes", "methods", "defaults", "requirements", "options", "condition", "controller". in /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/vendor/symfony/routing/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php:206 Stack trace: #0 /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/vendor/symfony/routing/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php(88): Symfony\Component\Routing\Loader\YamlFileLoader->validate(Array, 'fltl_controller', '/home/XXXXXXXX/...') #1 /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/vendor/symfony/config/Loader/DelegatingLoader.php(40): Symfony\Component\Routing\Loader\YamlFileLoader->load('ext/sitesplat/f...', 'yaml') #2 /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/phpbb/routing/router.php(116): Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\DelegatingLoader->load('ext/sitesplat/f...', 'yaml') #3 /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/phpbb/routing/router.php(261): ph in /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/live/vendor/symfony/routing/Loader/YamlFileLoader.php on line 206
 #33852  by PhilDiscuss
 August 8th, 2020, 1:33 pm
First, disable all forumhulp extension
Second, disable bbclassifieds in there is any,
Third, disable the bbaward premium rules and autogroup

You may now click the » SS Rapid Disable «


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