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Help with Tapatalk and SQL commands to remove/fix issues

PostPosted:June 8th, 2018, 9:02 pm
by odin
I had an issue with a tapatalk update, it wouldn’t install and i tried to uninstall the extension and delete the data from it but id just get a white page, i managed to get it uninstalled (partially) but when i install the new version i don’t get the extension options appearing. I’ve been in conversation with tapatalk to solve this and this is how to resolve it apparently.. They offered to get my server logins to do this for me but i didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Can anyone explain to me what this below does and how i would go about doing it? i understand running the commands on my digitalocean console but im not sure about the part with the tables?
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I have recreated your issue, when you try to "delete data", you got an error page says there is a server error. And you come back, your extension options is gone.
The problem is, there is some old module data remain in your database, when phpbb trying to delete the plugin modules, it found the dependency modules and throw an error, and the delete process only go through.
To solve this issue, you should delete this module data from you {PHPBB_MODULES} table (the table name is "modules", and with a prefix defined by yourself, usually "phpbb_"). Here is a sql:

delete from phpbb_modules where module_langname='ACP_TAPATALK_DEEPLINK';

This sql will only delete one row of module info from you {PHPBB_MODULES} table which was added by tapatalk 2.0.3 plugin.

After you deleted this module info, you should be able to "delete data" successfully. And when you "enable" the plugin again after you "deleted data". If you encounter an error says something like "config unexpected key 'mobiquo_version' is missing", you need to run this sql:

INSERT INTO phpbb_config (config_name, config_value) VALUES ('mobiquo_version', '');

It will add the necessary key to the config table in order to let the enable process work. 

Although these are very simple and self explained sql, I strongly suggest you consult an expert before you do this. Please don't run them if you have no programming experience.

Help with Tapatalk and SQL commands to remove/fix issues

PostPosted:June 13th, 2018, 11:49 am
by Leinad4Mind
There is an easy way without touching the database directly, go to ACP - System, and there you’ve the admin modules, and just find the one from tapatalk and delete those. After that you’ll not have problems.