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  • BBchat new Pusher limits plan ....
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General Questions and chit chat NOT related to support. Please Use the "Buyers" section for any support related needs.
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 #29634  by Raykai
 June 26th, 2019, 2:45 am
i got a email from Pusher :

Beginning today, we are announcing updated tiers and limits for Pusher Chatkit. However, as early adopters you will be automatically grandfathered into your existing plan.

Why the change?
Our goal is to continue building Pusher for the long-term, invest in our core products to make them more powerful, and deliver more value to our users. As part of that we are looking to refine our pricing model to find the balance between supporting our developer community whilst also making sure we can deliver on better and bigger products.

New pricing details
We are introducing a new $99 “Startup Plan” which also gives you access to our premium features. For new users we also have a 30-day trial plan where they can try out the product for free without any limits. The changes do not affect any current users and are applicable only to future users. Current Sandbox users will be grandfathered into their existing limits for as long as they choose.

To get more information on the updated plans, please visit our pricing page and if you have any further questions, please hit reply and we will get back to you.

Pusher team
i think this is not good news for peaple geting bbchat. might need an other platform.
 #29637  by DockPro
 June 26th, 2019, 3:48 am
Lets see if I understand!

In other words, in 90 days there will be a limit of 1,000,000 messages for 3000 users?

According to this image or am I wrong?

 #29638  by ThemeSplat
 June 26th, 2019, 3:57 am
please voice your concern

about how despicable this situation is.
they changed and backtracked their own words 4 times since June 2018.

Please send an email to Pusher: (please cc all of these)

use this template please:

Dear Pusher Team,
This pricing tier are absolutely outrageous and the most despicable aspect is the fact they you backtracked your own words 4 times since June 2018!

changes since last year:

-June 2018:
will have a free tier that is up to 1500 monthly peak concurrent users (up to 5 connections per user), 30 days of message retention, and we are still working out how many rich media downloads will be included.

- at some point in 2018 (I think around October they quietly came up with:)

-March 2019 (they scrapped that and increasing everything for the free plan)
we are making all our new plans more generous, and increasing the limits on unique users and messages per month.

-June 25, 2019 (finally scrapped everything all together )

This practice is absolutely dishonest and respectfully we demand that you respect your words and regarding the free usage since March 2019:



As a developer of BBchat I spent thousands of dollars and over a year of time building and planning for the chat.
I went so many times back and forth with their team they even at some point marketed features were not even existent!
I had to hack my way through the code to develop what the actually promised with my own solutions in order not to disappoint my clients and the the generous clients who funded the project to begin with. Im not getting into details what the feature are as I already sent an extended email to the Pusher team and they now know the situation.

Please voice your disappointment and ask Pusher to respect their pricing the rolled out on March 2019
March 2019:
 #29642  by WelshPaul
 June 26th, 2019, 7:35 am
This is why I hate using a third party for extensions... Imgur, gyazo, photobucket, pusher etc.

Photobucket did a similar thing where for a long time you could link to images and then boom! Blocked and hijacked!!!

I suppose at least with Photobucket there was consistency where as Pusher doesn't seem to have any direction going by all the random tier changes as of late. Pusher has proven to be untrustworthy so I have deleted all my pusher apps and my pusher account and won't use their services again.
 #29644  by Leinad4Mind
 June 26th, 2019, 10:52 am
Last case scenario, maybe you can make a deal for bbchat. Where you'll have on acp a special link to pusher, and clients registered by that url would have the old plan. That way, developers that are empowering the use of pusher would have some benefits.
 #29653  by ThemeSplat
 June 26th, 2019, 3:05 pm
If you guys have a gitub account would be great if you can react to this issue:

reactions, or post its up to you. At this point we try all we got!


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