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  • POLL - What phpBB version are you using?

What phpBB version are you using?

phpBB 3.0
phpBB 3.1
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phpBB 3.2
phpBB 3.3
 #35038  by Leinad4Mind
 May 2nd, 2021, 10:00 pm
I'm still on 3.2.10 :-)
 #35041  by Leinad4Mind
 May 2nd, 2021, 11:36 pm
Wth... I would sware I read 3.3.0, 3.3.1, 3.3.2 and 3.3.3...
Too much computer for today... gonna sleep :sleep:
 #35042  by Dion
 May 3rd, 2021, 1:21 am
I use phpBB 3.0.14 on all four of my public phpBB boards. They have been patched to work with PHP 7.4, and they each have completely custom themes (they aren't styles, phpBB devs!!!) written by me.

I have the latest versions of each phpBB3 branch running on a test site. It's astonishing how much more memory 3.3 uses compared to 3.0, and how much slower it is. (And for fun, download the 3.0.14 release package and compare the number of files in it versus the new 3.3.4 release package.)